Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Troubleshooter of Error: Big troubles after partitioning my (Win 7 ) drive and installing XP.

Big troubles after partitioning my (Win 7 ) drive and installing XP.

Hi folks.
Been through the ringer on this one and feeling fragile from it all.

I just got a DELL Inspiron 570 with Windows 7 64 bit on it.
Turns out I still need XP to run some programs.
So I partitioned the drive today and installed XP on the new partition.
First issue is I can't connect to the internet from the XP boot.
I can't boot from Windows 7 anymore.
So I can't download drivers for XP.
So I download drivers from DELL from another computer, put them on a flash drive, put them on the XP boot and installed them (Broadcom network driver, Video driver etc).
Still no dice.
Then I read that I should install EasyBCD to add a boot entry for XP in order to have the choice of which partition to boot from.
Downloaded that, brought it in, tried to install but turns out that it specifically needs .NET Framework 2.0 to run.
So I got that and ran it.
Tried installing it again but EasyBCD says it's trying to download that Framework but can't find an internet connection.
So it fails to install (ARGH).
It doesn't see that I've installed the Framework.
So I installed the 64 bit version
(why not at this point).
Still no dice.
After a while I tried change from ATA back to AHCI in BIOS (which I had to change in order to install XP in the first place) and that's when things got really hairy.
Windows goes into lockdown mode and wants to know
if I want to boot in safe mode, start normally, start from last known good config etc.
Neither of the latter work so I go into safe mode and restore back to right after I installed XP today.
Back to square one with almost no patience left.
 ANY flipping idea
what the heck is going on?

I should point out that my internet is working fine on my other computers.
The ethernet cable running to this new computer is tested and good.
I had no issues connecting to the internet from that machine with just Win 7 before partitioning and installing

I have power cycled my modem, called Microsoft support, called Comcast (yeah, right), I even called the friendly geeks at Godaddy on a lark.

So 2 issues (at least):
No internet and no booting from Win 7.

Pleeeease help.
Thank you.

Anwsers to the Problem Big troubles after partitioning my (Win 7 ) drive and installing XP.

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