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Hiding Excel Sheets for Certain Group

Hiding Excel Sheets for Certain Group

I have an Excel workbook that has 2 sheets: Patient and Physician.  I put it on share drive.
 Is there a way I can Error Bars In Excel 2010 Keep Disappearing When File Is Closed only let  a certain group of people to view the Physician sheet? I use password to protect my Physician sheet, but the protection feature
doesn’t work with my case because people can view Physician’s information.
For Example: I would like to have Lisa, Eric, Loc and Linh to view to Physician sheet, no one else.
Can I use VBA to make it works?  Please help.

Keys to the Problem Hiding Excel Sheets for Certain Group

Okay, here is the procedure.
First, from any worksheet, press ALT+F11 to go into the VB editor.
Once there, locate the Immediate Window (if you don't see a window labeled "Immediate", then press CTRL+G to make it appear).
Once you have located the Immediate
Window, copy/paste this line of code into it...

Worksheets("Physician").Visible = xlSheetVeryHidden

and then, with the text cursor located anywhere on that line, press the ENTER key to execute it.
Now, go back to memory card recovery freeware the workbook and SAVE the file.
Now the Physician sheet will not Convert cells (pasted from another application) to date format [Solved] be visible to anyone except those permitted access by the code I will give you
Okay, now go back to the VB editor and Content Management At Warp Speed look for a window labeled "Project - VBA Project".
In that window, besides a list of all your worksheets, is an item labeled "ThisWorkbook"...
double click that entry I Cannot Access My Hotmail Account, Get A Message "Sorry, There's A Problem With Hotmail Right Now". to bring up its code window (the window that
opens up will have as its title the workbook name followed by a space/dash/space followed by the words "ThisWorkbook (Code)"...
copy/paste the following code into that code window...

'********* Start of ThisWorkbook Code *********
Private Sub Workbook_BeforeClose(Cancel As Boolean)
  Worksheets("Physician").Visible = xlSheetVeryHidden
End Sub

Private Sub Workbook_Open()
  Select Case Application.UserName
    Case "Lisa WWWW", "Eric XXXX", "Loc YYYY", "Linh ZZZZ"
      Worksheets("Physician").Visible = xlSheetVisible
  End Select
End Sub
'********* End of ThisWorkbook Code *********
One thing you have to change in the code...
where I have written this...

"Lisa WWWW", "Eric XXXX", "Loc YYYY", "Linh ZZZZ"

you will need to replace the WWWW, XXXX, etc.
with those individual's last names...
The key to make this section work is the names in the quote marks must match exactly (letter casing as well) the output from...


when that line of code is executed in the Immediate Window
on their computer. Okay, that's pretty much it...
as long a you can trust your employees to not try to circumvent this protection scheme (as things stand right now, they can modify the VB code and give themselves access to the Physician sheet.
If you
need to fully lock things up, you will need to password protect the VB editor.
You can do this by clicking "Tools/VBAProject Properties" on the VB editor's menu bar, going to the Protection tab on the dialog box VSS Keeps Switching Itself Back To "manual" that appears and filling in the page...
mark the dll fixer full version free download "Lock project for viewing" checkbox and fill in the Password (which you then need to
remember because getting around it is difficult to do).
Go back to the workbook and SAVE the workbook to lock down Poor Or Slow Connectivity On Wifi. all these changes.
Are we done? Well, not really.
There is one more weakness that you may have to address (if you cannot trust
your workers to keep themselves out of things)...
a VB savvy employee could just go to VB's Immediate Window and execute this line of code to view the Physician sheet...

Worksheets("Physician").Visible = xlSheetVisible

To protect against this, you will need to protect the workbook's structure.
How to do this depends on your version of Excel...

Excel 2003:   Tools/Protection/Protect Worksheet on the workbook's menu bar
Excel 2007:   Home tab/Changes panel/Protect Workbook button/Protect Workbook and Structure item
Excle 2010:   You are on your own with this one as I do not have it installed on my system

That's it...
your workbook should be all bundled up nice and tight.

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